06 January 2013


For our mind, soul and Prayer - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

For our Appa, Amma, Sister(s), Brother(s), Spouse / Lover and Child(ren) - GOD bless our lovable few with good health, safety, protection and Long life - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

For the sexual safety and protection of our girls and children and for the perpetrators who dare to commit such horrendous crime to be mercilessly punished - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

Wishing a happiest year to each and everyone of us, after an indifferent year to many of the people I knew, Sincerely wishing a GOD blessed, protective, safe, healthy, dream fulfilling, enthusiastic, exciting, happy year in 2013. GOD bless the year 2013 - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

Wishing a very happiest Birthday to A.R.Rahman and may he be blessed with a great blissful year and continue to charm us with his enchanting musical wizardry. - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

For my wife's grandfather to recieve GOD's blessings for healing of all the negative energies that is haunting him and his family at present... For grandfather and his family - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

For all my friends & acquaintances / their wife who are expecting, to deliver a normal, healthy child completing their full term with GOD's grace - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN 

For my sister in law who is getting married on Jan 17th to be blessed with a very happy marriage life and her marriage be held like a grand festival with happiness all around, for my sister-in-law and co-brother - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN 

For our nation - to be blessed with safety, protection, economic prosperity, guard against terrorism and killer diseases, for INDIA - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN 

For A.R.Rahman, Sachin Tendulkar , Abdul Kalam, CHO - VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN

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